Bangladesh International School and College at Jeddah is one of the most reputed educational institutions in Saudi Arabia under Dhaka Board. From 1979 to 1991 it was known as Bangladesh Embassy High School. After 1991 it was named Bangladesh Embassy High school and college till 1998. This institution is uniquely in two separate buildings with enviably safe surroundings. As a tranquil citadel of learning the pulpit disseminates enlightenment following the dictates of advance teaching methods. The blossoming of all the potentials of a learner is the unflinching task of the institution. The institution opened its door on the 4th of April in 1979 by the help of Bangladesh Consulate General personnel as genuinely educated for the Bangladeshi pupils who are living in KSA and it was inaugurated by the honorable speaker of Bangladesh parliament namely Humayan Rashid Chowdhury. It had functioned till 1998 under the direct patronage of Bangladesh consulate. The institution is proud of getting the blessings of Consul General and other fond of this institute.

1st School Governing body was elected under the Bangladesh Consulate General and Saudi Ministry of Education. Election was held on the 27th April, 1998 which performed visible legal guardian. Under their wonderful guidance the tireless toils of the teachers and staff here have already earned for the institution the name and fame at the overseas level.

The institution has become a complete educational institution encompassing both schools - college levels through a series of successive steps since its inception. The institution opened its door as a High school on the 4th April, 1979. Governing body (since 1998) took the initiative to establish this institution. The following are the phases of changes in the structure of this institution: 

  • The institution got recognitions as a secondary school in 1983 with Science and Humanities Group.
  • *The S.S.C candidates from this institution appeared at the SSC Exam for the first time in 1985 with two students.
  • *In 1991 the institution was upgraded to the college level and named as “Bangladesh Embassy High school and college” by the great help of Consul General Khaza Sarjil Hassan.
  • *In 1993 the HSC candidates from this institution appeared at the HSC Exam for the first time.
  • *In 1998 Bangladesh Consulate handed over the institute to School Governing body.
  • *In 1998 under the supervision the Institute has named as Bangladesh International School and College.
  • *In 2002 the Institute has included Business Studies Group.
  • *In 2006 English Medium has been introduced at school level in accordance with NCTB English version Syllabus.
  • *In 2009, 2010 and 2011 the result of S.S.C examination is 100%
*In 2011, 26 students got A+
The institution started its journey with only seven students. At present there are about seventeen Hundred students in this institution.